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Laser engraving and cutting machine



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​GCC Laser Pro S400 is the latest model of laser engraving machine, inheriting all the advantages of Spirit Hybrid, equipped with a DC servo motor, and the processing speed reaches 140ips. Engraving is faster, and the working area is larger and deeper to accommodate a wider variety of objects.

The original touch screen and user-friendly operation interface conform to the modern aesthetic design. S400 is equipped with SmartLID for easy access and industrial dustproof, bringing you high productivity and high quality. GCC S400 realizes your imagination and design.

Working area: 1016 x 610 mm (40 x 24 in.)
Z-axis depth: 280 mm (11 in.)
Optional wattage: CO2 Laser 40W~120W | Fiber Laser 20W~60W
Maximum speed : 140 IPS

Shipping / Pre-order Terms

Delivery terms

  • Over HK$1500, free delivery;
  • If the amount is less than HK$1500, an additional local standard delivery fee of HK$150 is required;
  • Or SF Express (pay by freight)

Pre-order terms

  • It will take about 2-4 weeks for the pre-order to arrive. It is for reference only, and the actual situation depends on the shipment and transportation situation.
  • After the pre-ordered goods arrive, we will notify the customer of the arrival for arrange the payment of the final amount. We will arrange the delivery once the payment confirmed.
  • After the payment is confirmed for all reservations, no cancellation or refund application will be accepted.

One year warranty

Starting from the invoice date, a one-year warranty is provided.

⚠️The following are not included in the maintenance service:

3D printer: extruder and clogged nozzles.

UV printing printer: printheads and clogged nozzles.

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  • 自動對焦


  • 自訂起始點,一拖即完成

    GCC S400人性化的工作介面提供強大的功能設置,可直接將鐳射頭拖動至起始點,無須計算位置,大大簡化了複雜的輸出任務。

  • 簡單易用的控制面板


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  • 混合鐳射管,滿足需求


  • 前後可開門(選購)


  • SmartLID™輕鬆使用


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  • SmartFLOW™氣流設計技術

    S400 SmartFLOW™ 創造了完美的氣流,以增強真空效果,並在鐳射雕刻工作時完全帶走灰塵,以保持完美的雕刻效果。

  • SmartACT™ 提高生產率(專利)


  • SmartSEAL™技術


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  • 鑰匙開關及緊急按鈕


  • SmartGUARD™ 火焰偵測器 (專利)(選購)


  • 吸氣除臭裝置(選購)


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  • SmartEYES™ (選購)

    頂蓋上的 SmartEYES™ CCD; 能夠捕獲機器的整個工作區域。 幫助你輕鬆定位。 SmartEYES 包括超高解析度相機; 它可以提供精準全工作區域的精度。

  • SmartVISION™ Pro CCD(選購)

    GCC S400 利用CCD 模組來提高生產力,因為它能夠學習、記憶和定位打印的圖形來執行輪廓切割並自動進行調整以確保正確切割材料。
    S400 CCD 模組可讓您在打印在木材、壓克力、卡紙等材料上的圖像周圍創建極其精確的激光切割。

  • Rotary Attachment(Optional)

    By using the rotary attachment, laser engraving on cylindrical or round objects is now possible. This option uses the fourth axis to rotate your object 360° to allow engraving on cups, wine glasses or even a baseball with two types of conical fixtures available. The minimum/maximum diameter and length of the working object are 90/180mm and 450mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 4kgs.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Working area: 1016 x 610 mm (40 x 24 inches)
Maximum workpiece size (front and rear doors closed): 1053 x 647 x 280 mm (41.4 x 25.4 x 11 inches)
(with front and rear doors open): 1053 x ∞ x 280 mm (41.4 x ∞ x 11 inches)
Table Dimensions (Standard Mesh Cutting Table): 1019 x 613 mm (40.1 x 24.1 inches)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1440 x 900 x 1048 mm (56.7 x 35.5 x 41.3 inches)

net weight:
CO2 30~40W: 260kg/573lbs
CO2 60~120W: 270kg/595lbs
Fiber 20W~60W: 260 kg/573 lbs

Laser source:
The laser source is CO₂ (carbon dioxide):
10.6-μm CO₂ laser: optional 40~120W
9.3-μm CO₂ laser: 60W

The laser source is Fiber (optical fiber):
Fiber Laser: Optional 20/30/60W

Mixed laser source CO₂ (carbon dioxide) and Fiber (optical fiber):
10.6-μm CO₂ laser: optional 30 to 100W
9.3-μm CO₂ laser: 60W
Fiber: 20/30/60W

Cooling: Air cooled, operating ambient temperature 15°- 30°C (59°- 86°F)
Drive: Closed-loop DC servo motor control
Maximum Motor Speed: 140 IPS
Speed ​​control: adjustable from 0.1 to 100% (up to 16 color-associated speed settings per job)
Power Control: Adjustable from 0~100% (up to 16 color-dependent power settings per job)
Engraving capability: 256-level grayscale image processing capability
Distance Accuracy: 0.254 cm or 0.1% of movement, whichever is greater
Z-axis movement: automatic

Focus lens:
CO₂: Standard 2.0” (1.5”, 2.5” and 4.0” available)
Fiber: standard 2.0” (optional 4.0”)
Dual (CO₂+Fiber): standard 2.0” (optional 3.0” & 4.0”)

Resolution (DPI): available 125, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1000, 1500

10Base-T Ethernet
USB Type-A 2.0 – for USB storage (up to 32GB capacity, FAT file system)
USB Type-B 2.0 – for connecting to a computer

Compatible OS: MS Windows 64 bit
Control Panel: Touch Screen

Class I laser products complying with EN60825
Class 3R laser products complying with CDRH
Compliant with 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
Install the optional switchable door module, Class 4 laser products that meet the CDRH standard

electricity demand:
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz automatic switching for 80W models, maximum 15A
200-240VAC, 50-60 Hz automatic switch to 80W and below 80W models, maximum 15A

Smoke and deodorization device:
External exhaust system with a minimum flow rate of 800m3/h
(CFM 471 ft3/min) required, 2.3kPA negative pressure