Online Shopping Terms

  1. Normal condition

1.1. In these Online Shopping Terms and Conditions and Online Store Special Terms (as defined below) (collectively, "these Terms and Conditions"), " " or "we" means Newton Technology Co., Ltd. "Customer" or "you" refers to any individual, institution or company that orders goods or services from us. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this web page or our online store. By using the Online Store or any portion thereof, you agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions and accept and agree to be bound by them.


  1. Online Order

2.1. All orders are subject to final confirmation depending on the availability of the relevant goods. If we are unable to provide any of the ordered products or services, we have the right to refuse to accept the order.

2.2. After you successfully submit your order to us through this website, you will receive an email confirming your order details. This email does not constitute acceptance of your order, but merely confirmation of receipt. Under normal circumstances, the company will try its best to meet the customer's order requirements. However, even if the customer has paid us accordingly, we may refuse to accept some orders or limit the order quantity of some orders due to out of stock, price or other errors, failure to confirm or process payment or for any other reason. 

2.3. When your order is successfully accepted, you will receive our order confirmation email. The contract between you and us has also been established and is bound by the terms and conditions herein. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you will not cancel or change your order in any way.


  1. Payment

3.1. We accept PayPal , online bank transfer, PayMe for payment. All payments are in Hong Kong dollars.

3.2. Hereby declare and guarantee that you are the legal cardholder or authorized user of the credit card used to pay for the goods. It is your sole responsibility to notify the Bank of any changes to your records or any loss, theft or unauthorized use of your credit card, and you will be held liable accordingly.


  1. deliver goods

4.1. Hong Kong local delivery

  • If the total discounted amount of a single order is over HK$1500 , the company will provide free local standard delivery service. If the total amount of your single order is less than HK$1500 , a local standard delivery fee of HK$150 will be added.
  • Delivery service includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories (delivery service to outlying islands is not provided)
  • We will contact you within 3-7 business days of receiving your order to confirm stock availability and other delivery arrangements.
  • If you need to change the order content ( such as: delivery address, delivery time or additional purchases, etc. ) , please notify us at least 3 working days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) before the original delivery date and time.


4.2. Orders outside Hong Kong

  • All orders sent outside Hong Kong do not include shipping charges. If you want to send outside Hong Kong, please email to inquire about shipping charges.
  • Orders shipped outside Hong Kong are subject to shipping charges based on the weight of the item and the delivery area.
  • After the company receives an overseas order, if it finds that there are additional charges due to the overweight or/and large size of the goods, it will contact you in time and inform you of the excess shipping costs. The goods will be sent after you complete the additional payment.
  • Customers are responsible for additional shipping charges, duties, taxes, and related charges resulting from the order.
  • The delivery method is SF Express, FedEx , and international logistics companies, and the final decision is made based on the weight of the goods and the region.
  • We will contact you within 3-7 working days after receiving the order to confirm the delivery method and stock availability.


  1. No returns, refunds or exchanges

After the online payment process is completed, all items cannot be returned or refunded. Regarding mechanical products, the company provides customers with a 7- day warranty for replacement if there is any damage. If the mechanical products are found not to meet the production standards after inspection, we promise to replace the relevant mechanical products, but the replacement machinery must preserve complete packaging, accessories and no damage. You must carefully check all product information, including product model, specification and price, before ordering.


  1. maintainance

6.1. All machines sold on our website can be guaranteed for one year. The warranty period does not include consumables such as filters and inkjet printer nozzles, parts and other normal wear and tear accessories.

6.2. We disclaim all liability for all claims for:

  • normal wear and tear from normal use of the product ; and / or
  • Damage caused by improper handling, storage, installation, failure to follow installation or operating instructions, overuse or lack of maintenance or care after the product has been dispatched to the customer ; and / or
  • The damage or destruction of the product is due to damage caused by external forces, especially the use of external accessories not specified in the contract or the scope of use or abnormal use specified in the contract.