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Table type cylindrical CNC engraving machine



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Designed for educational institutions, it is also suitable for offices and homes to meet small engraving needs.

Desktop rotary axis CNC engraving machine, the Y axis is used for engraving in a rotating manner. It is specialized in cylindrical or square column materials, and even irregular shaped materials can be carved and milled into cylinders. It supports bitmap files (such as *.jpg ), vector graphic files (such as *.dxf), and 3D model files (such as *.stl), which are convenient for teaching and personal use.

Shipping / Pre-order Terms

Delivery terms

  • Over HK$1500, free delivery;
  • If the amount is less than HK$1500, an additional local standard delivery fee of HK$150 is required;
  • Or SF Express (pay by freight)

Pre-order terms

  • It will take about 2-4 weeks for the pre-order to arrive. It is for reference only, and the actual situation depends on the shipment and transportation situation.
  • After the pre-ordered goods arrive, we will notify the customer of the arrival for arrange the payment of the final amount. We will arrange the delivery once the payment confirmed.
  • After the payment is confirmed for all reservations, no cancellation or refund application will be accepted.

One year warranty

Starting from the invoice date, a one-year warranty is provided.

⚠️The following are not included in the maintenance service:

3D printer: extruder and clogged nozzles.

UV printing printer: printheads and clogged nozzles.

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  • 機身細小,功能齊備

    1. 主軸採用DC無刷(BLDC)馬達:尺寸小、重量輕、高效率、溫升低、無碳刷摩擦、無需碳刷保養, 附有過負載、過熱、電壓…等保護,且馬達壽命長。

    2. 附有LED 照明燈,方便察看雕刻作業亦具有科技感。

  • 配搭專屬軟體

    1. 隨機附有Bravoprodigy專屬EDIT雕刻轉檔軟體 與 CNC控制軟體。

    2. CNC 軟體操作介面活潑,簡單易學,雕刻進行中可即時預覽與變更操作,可透過滑鼠、鍵盤、手持控制器來操作機器,只需透過USB傳輸連線,快速完成加工動作。

  • 軟體相容性高

    1.控制驅動軟體相容性高,可支援其他廠牌的CAM 軟體。
    2.可記錄最後10 筆雕刻記錄 ( 含檔名、雕刻速度、主軸轉速、雕刻時間。) , 更可查詢主軸運轉時間,供使用者參考。
    4. 主軸可依不同素材的特性調整至適當的轉速,進行最好的雕刻切削。
    5. 軟體裡的便利性設計,只需輸入圓柱直徑尺寸,程式便自動計算並運用在實機雕刻上。

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  • 安全穩固

    3. 三軸設有極限開關裝置防止撞機情形。
    4. 三重保護( 如保險絲、電源供應器、電路板過負載保護程式) 來保護電路板及機器的損壞。
    5. CE 、CUL認証。

  • 設備穩固,操作方便

    1. 附有固定頂針用來因應不同種類的木頭素材固定。
    2. 附有四爪卡盤可穩固的挾持各類素材。
    3. 附有手持控制器當在架設工作原點移動三軸時更方便操作。
    4. 機器通訊方式使用USB傳輸線,能方便且快速的連接電腦。
    5. 使用ER11套筒式主軸,裝置微小徑刀具。

  • 使用材料廣泛

    支援點陣圖檔 (如*.jpg)、向量圖檔 (如*.dxf)、3D模型檔(如*.stl),便於教學與個人使用。
    雕刻的材質: 壓克力、ABS板、塑膠、木頭、泡棉、模型臘、保麗龍、EVA泡棉、代木、橡膠、軟性金屬、PCB...等。

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        Technical Specifications

        Technical Specifications

        Model: BC200
        Weight of items that can be clamped: Max. 6 KG ( 13.2 lbs )
        Maximum clampable object diameter: φ200 mm (8 inch.
        ※Remarks: Four-jaw chuck can clamp diameter
        Positive jaw clamping range: φ4 mm~φ30 mm
        Reverse jaw clamping range: φ30 mm~φ65 mm
        Actual engraving length: Four-jaw chuck: 300 mm (12 inch)
        Fixed thimble: 300 mm (12 inch)
        Engraving speed: 2500 mm/min ( 98 inch/min )
        Restrictions on engraving materials: plastic materials (ABS, acrylic), wood materials, foam cotton, Styrofoam, model wax, substitute wood...etc
        Software resolution: 0.02 mm (0.001 inch)
        Mechanical resolution: 0.02mm (0.001 inch)
        Spindle motor: 200W DC brushless motor
        Spindle speed: adjustable speed, up to 20,000 RPM.
        Tool Diameter: ER11 Collet
        4.0 mm
        Transmission interface: USB 2.0
        Power supply: 100~120V 50/60HZ ; 220~240V 50/60HZ
        Power Consumption: 4.8A/2.8A
        Dimensions: 635 x 376 x 610 mm
        ( 25 × 14.8 × 24 inches )
        Equipment weight: 42 kgs ( 92 lbs )
        Operating environment conditions: Temperature 5~40°C (41~104°F)
        Humidity 35~80%