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High speed 3D printer



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[Latest launch in 2023] Creality flagship AI high-speed 3D printer K1

  • 600mm/s high-speed printing
  • 220*220*250 large molding size
  • CoreXY motion structure
  • 20000mm/s² acceleration
  • 32mm³/s super flow rate

Shipping / Pre-order Terms

Delivery terms

  • Over HK$1500, free delivery;
  • If the amount is less than HK$1500, an additional local standard delivery fee of HK$150 is required;
  • Or SF Express (pay by freight)

Pre-order terms

  • It will take about 2-4 weeks for the pre-order to arrive. It is for reference only, and the actual situation depends on the shipment and transportation situation.
  • After the pre-ordered goods arrive, we will notify the customer of the arrival for arrange the payment of the final amount. We will arrange the delivery once the payment confirmed.
  • After the payment is confirmed for all reservations, no cancellation or refund application will be accepted.

One year warranty

Starting from the invoice date, a one-year warranty is provided.

⚠️The following are not included in the maintenance service:

3D printer: extruder and clogged nozzles.

UV printing printer: printheads and clogged nozzles.

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  • 12倍速,打印效率再突破

    K1 打印速度高達600mm/s,20000mm/s2峰值加速度,從零加速到600mm/s只需0.03秒,一部K1 即可實現幾部普通3D打印機的效率。

  • 採用CoreXY結構


  • 32mm3/s大流量,40秒快速加熱


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  • 雙重風冷,完美打印複雜模型

    速冷定型,有效避免拉絲、曲翹,可無支撐打印帶有連橋、 懸垂等結構的模型。

  • 細膩打印 精美絕倫

    通過WiFi或網線聯網後,可使用創想雲或Creality Print軟件進行遠程打印、實時監控、接收消息提醒;同時,還支持多機控制,方便快速批量生產。

  • 大尺寸,超高空間利用率

    K1 擁有220x220x250mm超大成型尺寸,可滿足絕大部分設計驗證、模型打印需求;空間利用率高達25.5%,相較同等外觀尺寸的了3D打印機,K1 擁有更大的成型尺寸

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  • 新一代切片軟件,提升高速打印

    搭配新一代自研切片軟件Creality Print 4.3,界面簡潔明瞭,預設豐富,而且針對高速打印進行了深度優化,新增可變線寬、圓弧擬合等功能。

  • 優化振紋,高速打印質量好


  • 告別層紋,模型更細膩


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      Technical Specifications

      Technical Specifications

      Molding Technology: FDM
      Print size: 220*220*250mm
      Product size: 355*4355*480mm
      Package size: 415*415*550mm
      Product net weight: 12.5kg
      Package gross weight: 16kg
      Printing speed: ≤600mm/s
      Acceleration: <20000mm/s2
      Printing accuracy: 100+0.1mm
      Print layer thickness: 0.1-0.35mm
      Extruder Type: Dual Gear Proximal Extruder
      Consumable Diameter: 1.75mm
      Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (optional 0.6/0.8mm)
      Nozzle temperature: <300°C
      Hot bed temperature: ≤100°C
      Printing Platform: Flexible Printing Platform
      Leveling method: double automatic leveling
      Printing method: USB printing/Ethernet/cloud printing/LAN printing
      Display: 4.3" color touch screen
      Al camera: optional
      Al lidar: optional
      Continue to play after power failure: support
      Material break detection: support
      Air purification: support
      Vibration optimization: support
      Lighting: support
      Automatic sleep: support
      Rated voltage: 100-120V~, 100-240V~, 50/60HZ
      Rated power: 350W
      Supported materials: ABS/PLA/PETG/PET/TPU/PA/
      Print file format: G-Code
      Slicing software: Creality Print: Compatible with Cura/ Simplify3D/ PrusaSlicer
      Slicing supported formats: STL, OBJ, AMF
      Software language: Chinese/English/Spanish/German/French/Russian/Portuguese/Italian/Spain/Japanese